It's My Favorite

Fact of the matter is, I really do like the universe, especially this year's model.  So roomy!
ElLagarto ElLagarto
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9 Responses Jun 23, 2007

I don't know but you're guaranteed tax & tags.

Yes, but can you get factory rustproofing?

Very impressed with the global positioning system.

"Beep beep beep!" Uni-reverse.

Rear sensors are a pleasant addition as well.

I'm especially impressed with the cup holders.

Interesting perspective. Ironically it was in prison - in (then) West Germany - that I read a story by Ray Bradbury about a planet that simply "rejected" a race of beings like a body might "reject" a transplanted organ. Perhaps that will be what happens to us, the natural systems we rely on to live will simply shut down in order to expel us - sort of a planetary defense mechanisn.

Well I sure don't. I would guess - extemely roomy - like John and Yoko's apartment at the Dakotas. What I know about science would fit into a demitasse, but. For me, the take home message as we gradually come to understand the vastness of space is the utter, miraculous improbabilitiy of our mother planet. In my humble opinion our time would be better spent exploring ways to health the earth - while there's still a reasonably good chance of doing so.

I do too. I saw the space shuttle and space station a few nights before it landed...the really bright one was the Intl space station and the tiny one preceeding it was the shuttle. Orbits...huh. It was exciting, anyway.