Mel's Hole


I always had a deep fascination with the unknown, and unexplained. I loved the tv shows that would stimulate the imagination such as Unsolved Mysteries, Sightings, Destination Truth, and the new one Ancient Aliens. Hey, what if it were true?

Any mystery that left me asking more questions than I had, when I first come across it. In my book, is not only worth remembering, but one worth digging into.

            However nothing peeked my curiosity more than listening to Art Bell’s radio show, Dreamland and later on, from the high desert, coast to coast. The only radio show I ever knew totally dedicated totally to the strange, and unexplained. From the paranormal to government cover-ups. He didn’t hold back, it was the first show I ever heard where every day normal people such as your self would call in with ever it was they had to say, and were always treated with the up most respect.

            It was in 1997 while listening to his radio show Mel Waters called in and told Art Bell about a Hole on his propriety nothing strange about that until Mel decided to satisfy his own curiosity to find out just how deep it was. He proceeded to tell Art about how he lowered a one pound weight on fishing line to a depth of eighty thousand feet and still didn’t reach the bottom. If that were true that would make it the deepest hole in the world. It was at that point he sought help from the local university, who in turned alerted the government, then nothing.

            I’m curious just what did happen, did they ever find out just how deep it was,  why is it when something interesting comes along and government gets in evolved everything goes silent? Crashed UFOs I can see, but come on people it is just a hole in the ground or is it?  

                            THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE  



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1 Response Jan 8, 2013

Supposedly, the govt bought the land from him, sealed off the area with a fence and placed a building on the site. Then I heard Mel moved to Australia. I don't know for sure. That is what I heard on C2C.

Oh yeah, supposedly it is shaded out on google maps.