Anyone Love Elijah? Or Elijah And Elena?

I understand she'll probably choose Stefan but am I the only one that sees a connection with her and Elijah a little bit? <3 I think Elijah is the most interesting vampire there. He's unique in the fact that he doesn't act or say immature things, he acts otherworldly, very classy, we've never seen him kill or bite a human being, (only killed supernatural things) we've never even seen his teeth and vamp face! He is the more mature vampire on there who actually seems like he's lived and traveled the world and is like a vampire Mr. Darcy! hahahah

I just love their interaction whenever they are on screen together. There is an unspoken bond and intensity. I wouldn't want their friendship ruined though. Julie Plec has dragged out the love triangle for 3 whole seasons! Better keep Elijah as is haha.
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To be honest I Love Klaus :3 ❤️

Am I the only person who like Caroline and Stefan together?