Vf Illuminations String Bikinis - I Love Them!!

I recently discovered VF Illuminations, and have found them to be v. comfortable, very well-made, available in lots of great colors, and are very good value for money.  I've found in general, women's panties are far better made, are much more comfortable, and are much less expensive than the male equivalents, as well as having a far bigger and better range of styles and colors.  If you want to see some of mine, I have pictures in my album "Recent VF" and feel free to leave comments, if you like!
Women's panties aren't necessarily The Best Thing in The World, but they're right next to The Best Thing in The World!!
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1 Response May 23, 2012

vf panties are the best for comfort, price wise, they are reasonable and can be found on cleareance racks for as low as a buck each. about all my panties came from clearence racks. I have learned if you see a pair you like get them because they may not be found again