Not A Reality Show

I loved the Waltons and still do. Just hearing the theme music was a pleasant, charming beginning.  Sit back and smile a lot. Besides, it beats the screaming reality shows..Jon & Kate plus 8. There's an example of a sad ending, in the works. My favorite person was Grandpa..what a good character.That day & age of growing up with few material things is gone. I learned so much ..However, I  recalled my grandparents and parents talking about what they did to survive during the depression and War era.   Simplicity is underrated. 
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I love the points you made in ref to Grandparents. I use to listen to mine like everything they said was gold.Now they are deceased..I hope kids get the chance to be included in history stories from their elders. The stories of our ancestors are huge in some cultures..American Indian as an example..never let it be lost let alone never told. Thank You for these insightful comments.

My father was born in 1934. He always liked that show because he said he could relate to it. He grew up in a farming family. They lived off their livestock, planting and hunting. He spent most of his young life barefoot. He could remember when they listened to the radio after dinner. He walked to school, a couple of miles, every day and he said he could remember when they had a 'coal stove' in the corner to keep them warm. <br />
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I think we've lost something in today's society. We don't seem to include our Grandparents in our lives so much anymore, we don't talk to one another, we don't tell stories and share life experiences. Most kids have no idea what their parents do for a living, let alone what their Grandparents did. <br />
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There's something to be said for the lessons the Waltons taught. Thanks for posting this and reminding us. :)

Too bad you are leaving your "Walton's" house. I'd feel sad too. It must be a great house. I liked John Boy..To this day he will be that kid and he just grew up to be an actor. HA!! That's one way of looking at it. Keep your dream and your heart will be warmed..never lose what you imagine. Believe..I always say BELIEVE.