Although Im Natually Pretty Outgoing and Friendly,

ive found that alcohol makes me feel so much more.. ABLE to make friends with other people.

cliche enough?

ive gone to quite a few parties, especially in the last few months, and many of the people i tend to encounter at the average party are closed-minded and hard to befriend... soberly.

after drinking a bit it seems that all the bullshit of who is hotter, who goes where, who is dating who, all of it.. just fades. i stopped caring if i had crap with someone before, or if they havent known me very long, or what. i feel much happier where i am and much more sociable, including my times with my at-the-time-boyfriend's friend's parties.

ive gotten to know so many people that i probably wouldnt have had the nerve to meet. one of my happiest moments, actually, was this last new years..
i was drunk and high with my at the time boyfriend and a crapload of other people i hadnt seen in years, and we were all dancing and singing to this one song on this guy's mix. everyone was dancing and laughing and having a good time.. and i dont know what it was, but i just felt so.. connected.
it was nice.

plus, that feeling of being free and being able to say what you want and do what you want is... wonderful.

...the morning after, however, is a different story.
gruneaugen gruneaugen
18-21, F
1 Response Apr 1, 2007

i completely agree... thats why i drink because im very shy but when i drink i let everything go. I love the wy it mkes me feel