I Don't Drink Much...

In fact, I haven't drank any alcohol since late last year. But I remember when I drink, I feel all light and happy, and I'm more outgoing. I suppose the bad thing is when I drink too much (only happened once) I become a little TOO outgoing. o.O
But I'll most likely drink again, although I'll keep my drinks to a minimum. Alcohol is not the tastiest thing to me. xD
Samaya Samaya
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 16, 2007

I noticed the same thing about me. I used to drink and when I did even the slightest buzz made me feel tons better. I would get more relaxed in my surroundings and I was WAY more outgoing and honest. Actually I kept drinking because of the way it would make me feel but later on I noticed that it wasn't making things better and it wasn't the healthest way of trying to make myself feel better. To make a long story short I don't drink anymore.<br />
<br />
And like you I never really liked the taste of alcohol either.