Hooters Style Pantyhose.

A few nights ago, standing in line to pay for some gas. There was a young lady wearing shiny tights, boy cut shorts and t-shirt.

I notice she had several pens in her hip pocket and inquired why all the pens?

She bubbly replied That she had just got off work from Hooters. I thought for myself that I had to have some of those hose for me.

After some google searching I found a source I liked which had models dressed as Hooter girls.

I ordered two pair. One in suntan and the other in skintone size Q.

My personal little Christmas gift to myself. I had always wanted these hose.

I may even go back and buy those cute orange shorts and scrunchy socks too
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They sound like lively pantyhose indeed

I love hooters uniforms , anyone know where I can get one , I'm in the UK

You can get all the Hooter accessories at www.hotlegsusa.com. they have it all.

Thank you Kath , I'll check it out xxx

After my first visit to Hooters I had to try some of those house too. They are sexy but not very silky (but do make legs look great) or comfortable. I gravitate towards the European styles these days that are silky, sexy, and comfortable.

Those are sexy pantyhose and the shorts are so cute.

Sounds like you would look quite sexy in that outfit! I'd love to see you in those shiny tights and short shorts!

About the only problem I could see is if somebody comes up to you and wants to place an order for buffalo wings. ;-)

LOL ;-)

Every pantyhose lifestyler should at least try Peavey pantyhose and shiny tights. For appearance they are hard to beat. If you want yor legs to look good and at the same time make it somewhat obvious to others you are wearing pantyhose, definitley gt yourself some Peavey.

Oh god,I just love the uniform the hooters girls wear,shame we haven't got them over here

Glad to help. Have phun :)

I'm glad you mentioned the shorts. I'd like to have a pair of those

For pantyhose and tights, the kinds the Hooter's girls wear, you can buy them direct at prolegs.com. I have several pairs of the 40 denier shiny tights in size Q in various different shades.

They don't have that incredible silky texture and feel I love in my pantyhose, but by no means are they coarse or rough. They fit great though and you can't argue with the appearance. For the unbeatable look you get from shiny, sheer to waist pantyhose, these are hard to beat or even equal.

Get yourself several pairs. Wear them with short shorts, a dress or skirt. Marvel at and enjoy how great your legs can look when clad in these shiny beauties. And if you get the chance or the nerve, go out and show off your legs in them.

One thing I have noticed though, is for some reason, the 20 denier pantyhose and the 40 denier shiny tights don't fit the same. In Q the 40 denier fit great. The 20 denier is much smaller size wise. My suggestion is to spend the few bucks more and get the 40 denier shiny tights.

Thanks for the tip...;-)

You can also try www.hotlegsusa.com.