I may be weird but that is how I am. I am a young adult and I live with my mom. My father is hardly there and I love my mom deeply. I can't explain my love for her but I also know she hates me as I was never wanted. The more she hates the more I become stubborn to have her love.

I have a strong weakness for her touch on my bare belly and especially my navel. I had these desire since long and it has grown over the years. She is quite young and hot. She is dusky well built and has long dark hair. At home she usually wears short sleeveless nighties showing off her arms and legs.

I love to remain shirtless with my navel exposed. I always remain close to my mom. She has different moods, sometimes kind to me and sometimes very harsh. She touches my belly and navel now and then. I like to lie down casually and watch TV with her while she caresses my belly or gently pokes my navel or sometimes very harshly by digging her long sharp nail.

She swirls her finger around and inside my navel. She drowns her finger inside my deep navel and keeps poking it while my navel throbs in pleasure and moves up and down to take her finger inside as much as it goes in. I forget all pain and only enjoy bliss then. Finally when she takes out her finger it gets wet with my navel sweat and sometimes a watery substance comes out of my navel due to deep continuous poking. I feel sharp pain and beg her to put some ointment. She applies some medicated oil and gently massages the oil inside my navel. It pains and stings but I enjoy the pleasure. I feel heaven inside my navel as my mom massages down there.

Sometimes i love to play with her loose hair and spread it allover my belly. I lie over her feet or raised finger with my navel inserted into her finger. I cant explain the feeling.

She tortures me like hell when she is in her bad mood and angry with me. She likes to see me bare belly with navel exposed and begging for her mercy. She ties my arms to the bed post and whips me all over my bare belly. I cry in pain and beg her to spare me. She then kicks me hard at the center of my belly. I writhe in pain on the floor and she loves watching me with scorn. I hold her feet and beg for mercy. Instead she will kick me and this time right inside my navel. I fall back and shout in pain. I breathe heavily and try to reach for her and again another kick comes right inside my navel.

I keep lying there and moaning and after a while she comes and caresses me over my wounded belly. Her touch seems heaven over my wounds. She applies some antiseptic ointment and rubs it all over my belly. I keep moaning but in pleasure. As she touches me over my wounds and rubs her fingers over them I feel pain mixed with pleasure. I keep waiting impatiently when she will touch my navel and caress it inside. She understands my weakness and takes her time. I beg to her and this time she listens. She pours some warm oil into my navel and begins to massage by dipping her finger tips deep inside my navel. She gives me deep navel oil massage and I feel heaven inside inspite of all the pain. I close my eyes and totally surrender myself to her as my navel throbs in pleasure with her fingers inside my deep navel. I wish her fingers always remain inside my navel and I can feel them moving and touching the deep well of my navel...
navelpoked navelpoked
26-30, M
Aug 23, 2014