Get So Excited...

When I walk into an adult bookstore, I get so excited.

I love the naughty feeling it gives me, and love looking all around at all of the different sex toys and novelties, dvds, lubes etc. I get so horny and actually get wet.

Lately when I go, I go right for the huge thick big dongs.  I have been so into stretching my hole, it feels so damn good.  It is very addicting.


tmafio tmafio
36-40, M
8 Responses Mar 25, 2009

Why stop at two? Hommax, I'd like to work you into my fantasy business trip! Did you see that latest story? Man I'm rock hard and dripping pre-*** just thinking about it!

Even better ! would like two ***** at once !

That sounds great, only if you promise that after your finished that first dance, you use my c0ck for the second dance! Pretty please?

What about a *****'s party ?<br><br />
I would really love to dance on a ***** for you !

Well why don't you be more specific and share your fantasies with the rest of us... I did, and you even liked it! I'd love to hear your fantasies, especially if any of them concern me!

wannawank that is one of my many fantasies.....

I wanna ride yours!

Ride them all !