Thick, White, And Just Right.

I am a 20 year old thick white woman. The only problem is most men like skinny girls. I have a beautiful face, I like my curve. I just don't get why men don't like a little cushion for the pushin?

Sincerely, plump and perfect
nicoleelizabeth11 nicoleelizabeth11
18-21, F
11 Responses Dec 12, 2012

thick is amazing. I love cushin for the pushin

They do huney. I have no problem. Try black.

men like skinny girls? nah! REAL men live thick girls!

I love cushion, beautiful curvy women, they're at the top of the sexy list ;)

I love a girl with curves.

Your sexy text me 8502966980

To put it mildly I hate the broom handle with boobs look.

Thick and curvaceous is perfect for me!

"Most men" are stupid. I am all over plump. Even the word itself gets a rise out of me.

I love a thick women. Much love to you.

who said they don't ?