Such as hats,

Hair Grips,

Deely boppers,

And over sized coffee cups.








Also.... Why is this an adult community? Do people wear naughty things on their heads? 


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3 Responses Mar 21, 2009

I get gum in my hair all the time, seriously. One minute I'm chewin' bubble yum kicked back watchin' SpongeBob, and the next thing ya know it's three in the morning. Seriously.<br><br />
Anybody know how hard it is to find a decent barber at three in the morning? Didn't think so. <br><br />
Hey, are you like jaundiced or something? It could be one of those liver conditions, I ain't lyin'. I mean you don't even have hair anymore. Hey, you watch SpongeBob too? Nice smile though, seriously.

When I have my head up my ***, it looks like I'm wearing my entire body on my head, upside down.

Sleepless the coffee sups are empty ..... yeah ?