I like these words because they're so seductive. And i post them here because i think it takes some kind of seductive quality to be able to attain something you cant have. I would love to try that. And i love the power of it. Fiona captured that feeling for me so well when i was listening to this song just now...

so i stretch myself across like a bridge
and i pull you to the edge

and stand there waiting

trying to attain

the end to satisfy the story

shall i release you?

must i release you?

as i rise to meet my glory

but my big secret

gonna hover over your life

gonna keep you reaching

when i'm gone like yesterday

when i'm high like heaven

when i'm strong like music

cause i'm slow like honey and

heavy with mood

TheRealMimi TheRealMimi
31-35, F
Aug 14, 2010