Yet Another Thing That I Find Annoying.

There's something about asymmetrical things that bothers me. It's not like I freak out or anything but, something in the back of my mind just goes nuts when I notice something isn't symmetrical. Whether it's the icons on my computer screen or how all the crap in my room is arranged, if it's not symmetrical or at least close to being so, it just bothers me to the point that I eventually have to change something.

It's kinda funny because I didn't used to be like that either. I believe it started a few years ago when I started to get into games like The Sims, Minecraft and others of that genre. Or at least that's when I started to notice asymmetrical things. I think it's just because in games like that it becomes annoyingly obvious when things aren't perfectly symmetrical. For example; building a house in Minecraft, no matter how you look at the house you build, if it isn't symmetrical you will know.

Anyway it's just something I find annoying and apparently so do other people.
SuperAverageMan SuperAverageMan
18-21, M
Nov 5, 2011