My First Encounter With Large Breasted Ladies...(ok So We Were Both Under 18yr)

I was in high school ROTC 10th grade. I enrolled to go to city-wide summer camp. I didn't know what to expect and I was/am a huge "new adventure" fan! So, off I went! We rolled into camp after about a 2 hr. bus trip on "Big Yella!"

There were so many cadets, both male and female. As I scouted the "Honnies," I spotted chubby, very-very well endowered in the upper female frontal department chocolate girl!! I had a difficult time not staring at her! As you could imagine, we had a chance meeting (yeah - right!) As it turned out, she had been checking me out as well!! That was all it took. We started to have some dialogue that quickly turned into to some close personal touchy-feely situations, because there were plenty of secluded spots for youngsters to do some biological experimentation! So, as it turned out we both had a fondness for osculation!! I had at that point of my career as a Breast-Aholic, not yet to have my 1st encounter w/"The Gyrlz." Thankfully, I had discovered high school ROTC. So this was my chance for the rubber to meet the road - sorry in those day latex/tuperware was not a necessity!! And, I had NO intentions of copulation and the Almighty "Puff-Task" (blow-job) wasn't until next year. Back to the story. It after chow and dusk, nearing darkness. And yes, I had made it my personal business to be in the vicinity of the amply accoutered, soon-to-be my 1st hands-on sexobiological encounter! So, there we were sit'n under a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G (hadn't done mucha that neither!!!) Hands started to roam, as slob continued to be burst (ok, Busted!!) And, at that very moment the Colonel stepped up and said, "the buttons, the buttons - get with the buttons!!" Fortunately, the Colonel was in my head. So, I followed orders like a dutiful cadet! Nervously, I mounted the button attack. Button1 - Button2 - hand in shirt - squeez, feel, kiss, - Button3 - Lucious Mellons EXPOSED & OMG "Plump&Juicy!!" Kiss - Kiss - GripSqueez!! All buttons undone and TT-Meat totally exposed, but still encased in a FRONT SNAP BRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes - my 1st (and I LOVE THEM TO THIS VERY DAY) A quick SNAP & Holy Mary Sweet....! E-U-R-E-K-A!!!! Pay-Dirt - HomeRun - Stars& Stripes 4Ever - The Promise Land - All That I Imagined and a Whole Lot More!! I later found out that she was a 36FF!
Kissing continued, the Gylz were "All Access Available" the lips quickly found two bullseyes!! That was the beginning of my fondness for the "Double Suck" technique, which has gotten many-a-panty to drop with or without Luther in the background. We both got excited, she rubbed Mr. Stiffy thru my olivedrab fatigues and I almost popped a cap in the ole skivvies, but I maintained [cause I was so Damned Kool] think'n back on it I shudda let one GO - Damn!!!! But, I think she got about two happy endings from the encounter!! After camp we hung out and she wound-up being the one to make away with my V-ness. But, that may *** in story form at a later time. THE END.
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Great story

FF is a good start!

Yeah - I've been kinda spoiled every since... Hook on Disproportionality Since That Day!!! I've been on what one young lady calls a "Lifelong Breastcapade!" Just a partial listing: 34G, 36FF, 38J, 40JJ, 44KK, & enough for a baseball team 54M (I saw the size with my own EYES!) Definitely NOT for the Squeamish (& very few others!!!)

An ideal selection

so thats wot its like 4 a guy 2 discover **** lol...i like the fun way u tell it =)

Wanna see my wife's H-cups?

Indeed I would! It would pleasure to gaze upon such loveliness!

How might we bring that to fruition? And, Soon...