I have had so many relationships were we would pick names for our imaginary future children. That in each different relationship I have to come up with new boy or girl names because you can't use the same names in your new relationship. Well I have given up on using the standard baby names because quite frankly I'm running out. I'm just gonna name the kid when they pop out after the first thing I see in that moment...like Knife, Apple, or Bowl...isn't that how celebrities do it?
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3 Responses May 5, 2015

It's funny how you think you have the last word on your future child's name lol

not really I'm sure if I ever make it that far... it will be a compromise

It all depends if she already has her mind set on a name, she will make you think it's a compromise

Your woman would kill you!!

I dont have one...

I think I feel that way if its a girl Charlotte Elizabeth but a boy not sure :)

Lol well I don't want her to get teased my middle name is Elizabeth coincidence lol my mom was named after Elvis's daughter Lisa Marie lol :)

:) yeah her dad was a huge Elvis fan lol