I know it's silly, but my boyfriend and I love imagining what our kids would be like and we tend to create names for them. Since his last name is Vela, I figured-

-Artemis Vela
-Athena Vela
-Rikka Vela
-Crystal Vela

-Ace Vela
-Titus Vela
-Damon Vela
-Festus Vela

I don't know, we're weird ouo;
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2 Responses Nov 29, 2015

That's adorable. o3o
You're adorable. Stahp.

What? I can't hear you. <_>
*Messes up your hair*

Freaking adorable. -3-
And I gotta be honest, I read your name as "Lemur" and was about several keystrokes away from picking you up and putting you on my head.
Like a hat.
An adorable hat.

Oh my god. You did. xD
You win. Lol.

You know what you win? :O

A drawing I made. :O

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I thought the last one said Fetus lol. Vela is a cool last name though!