If I ever decide to get children (which I hope will never happen, I actually hate children) A girl should be Luna and a boy.... well I cant think of any name!
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how about you name him after the hero of that anime that you have as your profile photo ^_^ "Eren" great name my opinion


Yeah naming someone after a fish is a good idea

Why do you hate kids? You used to be one. So did everyone else

I know, but I cant stand them...

That's ok.
You might change your mind when your older. But if you hate them. That's not my business:)

im still a stupid teenager so that will surely change with time

Teenagers arn't stupid. They just complain a lot. And I know that 'cause I'm one.
And I hate being one because no one listens to you!:(
(See what I mean😉)

I suppose you're right :P

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Satan:which should be all children