Ep Disco Party

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Oh God...my mom loved that show

Hahahaha the nostalgia :D

I so remember this and of course who can forget the American Band Stand Show....I was very young (btwn 5-9) when the Ed Sullivan show was popular but I miss those simpler days and shows such as them...

White people can't dance cool, nor dress cool for that matter

If you saw me burnin up the dancefloor you wouldn't say that.

I din't even know you were white

Neither did I.

lmfao! oh jeebus


You and Brownie are after me and Earthling at 1:18. ;)

I remember this show...used to watch it every Sat morning at 11am....ha I used to dress like this and dance like this back then....hmm this show according to the clothes was made in between 1978-1980 ish..judging from the fashion of the clothes and the hair styles!

It might have been earlier , I Love Music came out in 1975.

lol.....yeps , you are right....about the time I was getting my first pair of platforms... :)

Funny, I used to get dressed like your parents...I hit all the clubs in town in the mid 1970's

Yes, it was...also was in the late 60's and early 70's, with the hippie scene I was in on too.

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That's just ... so nice! Eased all the pressure!

hee hee !.......pick a partner...... :))

Okay can you dance with me after you are done with Ms. Wise? Other-wise it is gonna be a long process as I will have to go through my contact list and short-list candidates! =P

It's a deal ! :)


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Pick your ep dance partner !

Me and Earthlingwise are at 1:07.