ECC kick the sick beats and remind us of the importance of wanting.
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Anger is an energy. ;)

ahhh coul be wrrrrronnnng-I could beee rrrrrrrrrright...!

great,now I'll be singin' in my Mr.Lydon voice all night-he has that effect on me still.

ha ha ....... may the road rise for you !

"EEC, kick the sick beats " - sounds like a good first verse first line of a rap song!

Good one!

I wouldn\'t have imagined you would like this sort of stuff...so much for assumptions! The Evolution Control Committe are masters of audio/visual cutups,and oh,how I love when noise and pop culture gets re-contextualised!They are currently affiliated with SEELAND records-home of my alltime favorite culture jammers~Negativland.I am currently working on similar remixes,as ever. whomp. Please reply wit authenticity, support, and respect

my ex boyfriend adores negativland. *replied wit authenticity, support, and respect*

Negativland has helped me ruin several otherwise quite good relationships.

I've always meant to scribble them a fan letter...

Well it is all about life and our being humans.

yes,and how we respond to social conditioning

I\'ve had some tough life lessons re:assertiveness as opposed to anger/fear based reactions.

plus this is lol funny,I should play this more often in my DJ sets.

I agree with you about being assertive versus reacting with fear or even aggression.

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