right now I am so in love that songs are pulling on my heart strings. This so is so about me and my girl. Another level- from the heart. Sat here in tears as I can relate to every word being sang. Also beneath your beautiful by labrinth is mine and my babies song too. I love her so much. I cannot begin to describe it. I am sure people on here may be getting annoyed of hearing about how in love I am but it is so true. I am so proud of her. She is beautiful in every aspect that she is. I couldn't ask for anyone more beautiful inside and out. She makes my body shake, sending a shiver to my soul. She gives me goosebumps. Every time she says she loves me feels like the first time. I get overwhelmed and speechless every time. it doesn't seems to get old as I know those three words aren't given lightly by my girl. I'm honoured and feel so proud.
BarbiesMan BarbiesMan
31-35, M
Oct 5, 2015