Postsecret By Frank Warren

I was given this book for Xmas and think it's a great idea (rather much like Ep .. hmm .. very like Ep)

Frank Warren started PostSecret as a community art project in November 2004.
Since then people have sent in one hundred and seventy-five thousand anonymous postcards. They are featured in art galleries, a music videos and books.

" We all carry a secret that would break your heart if you just knew what it was. And if we could remember that there might be more understanding and peace in the world " From an interview with Frank Warren

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I adore PostSecret too. A few years ago, I got to see one of the exhibits. Seeing the actual cards and handwritten secrets was very moving.<br />
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Have you posted a secret yet, Tas?

Hi Lilt, just saw the video with the piles and piles of postcards

No, not posted a secret yet , doubt I will

Here's the link to Frank's talk. It is very moving and well worth the time to watch it!<br />
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Yeah Obama! God save the Queen!

Oh...and you can sign up for a monthly email of PostSecret news. That's how I knew about the video!

I watched a video of a talk that Frank Warren gave about how he got started with Post Secrets and about special ones that touched him. It was really fascinating.

Never heard of it till given the book but yes fascinating ..
Oooh Obama is congratulating our Queen

Mine is on page 142.

Oh .. yuk!

lol !

looks interesting. i want it on my list of things to take a look at.

Ohhhhhh ! I came across Postsecret in 2005 and shared my secret .<br />
You know, when I first found EP it did slightly remind me of Postsecret with the confession section and all...maybe that's why I stayed...hmmm.

I wonder if your secret is in my book ..

I found it!!!!!!

Shhhh ;) I really have to check out that book!