Best Massage Ever

I am a straight male but you may find my story weird but anyway it's a true experience which i like to share with. I have an athletic body and takes good care of my overall looks. One day i was shopping in Marks& Spencer and thought would be fun to check out the ladies underwear section. When i got there i was browsing through all the micro thongs and cute lacey panties when the lady in charge was looking with a strange look as if she is so curious and would like to assist but she didn't. My heart was pumping as more women came passing by but in a way i felt horny and good ! I decided to buy this cute black brazillian thong and after buying it i immediately rushed to the washroom to try it out. It felt so sweet..

There is a massage centre opposite the shopping mall and i headed there for my next adventure. I asked for a young and pretty massuer and she turns up to be really cute ( mix malay,indian & thai ) which you don't normally get pretty ones. She has a cute smile and she dimmed the lights and turns on some romantic soft musics as soon as she takes charge of the room. I slowly took of my jeans to tease her with my well - kept body and slowly takes off my shirt leaving just the hot brazillian thong on. The room was filled with auromas and it was perfect just to relax and for someone to do whatever they want on you. I laid down on the bed. She poured some auroma oils on my upper tigh and gently stroke her lovely fingers from my tigh to the calf and back to the tigh and slip her fingers up to my butt into the thong. I was so horny and knew this was going to be a great session ! She whispered you are so sweeet :) and that turned me on again because not all would appreciate man putting on a lacey thong.

The massage went on and on and she was really good and generous in applying the oils which i like and i told her not to be afraid of getting my thong wet. And she did not hesitate and was almost massaging me everywhere in the private parts at the back and even slipped her fingers in between my butt. I was like surrendering myself just to her. After 30 minutes i had to turn upwards. This time my **** was standing right up and she just ignore as if she knows what to do with it. She continues her magical touches on my forehead, chest and stomach. By the time i was about to come in this lovely panty and she asked should i let it all out? I said hell yes.. you can do whatever you want dear.. i am here for you to eat me ! she smilled but she didn't actually suck but her fingers stroking my 6 inches hard rod was breathtaking. As she gently strokes, i touch her hands in the same rythmn. I was soooo intense and i finally shot. I swear it came pouring and felt a lot more coming like never before.

It was over and as i was taking my shower she sat beside and watched. I like the way you upkeep yourself ! And wear something thiner and show me next time. I took her phone number and will never ever forget this lady even if i am never touched by her again !

Hope you like my story and please try it and share your experience with me !!
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Hot story!

That's a wonderful story. I'd love to have something like that, relaxing, de-stressing and tantalizing at the same time.<br />
I go for a full body wax and wear just a sheer g-string or thong (the one in my profile pic). I also get a Brazilian wax from the the same girl but prefer to be wearing a thong instead.