Having ********** Is Out of This World

My wife have been having threesoms for quight some time and we love it, we started back in highschool when we were parting with a buddy and just started messing with each others mind and the next thing we know she was giving my buddy head like never befor and I was going nuts getting off on that. The on vacation we met this realy cool dude and we againg found our selves banging her in a compact car for hours, I had no idea that she couls dirnk so much ***, with the same guy in a ajoining room with hr mom next door she got hot and begged us to work her hard and we did without a peep from her, and all the while we have enjoyed ourselves because I enjoy the sex she puts out during a *********. More stories to enone that wants to read and wants to send me the same.
carlosfun carlosfun
41-45, M
Jul 1, 2007