I myself am not a huge fan of thrift stores, but I do enjoy the memories that come to mind when I think of thrift stores. When I was younger, almost every weekend, my Memere would take me out shopping to all the local thrift stores. She would always tell me that I could pick out a couple items. I thought this was the best thing ever, and that I was getting totally spoiled!

Now that I'm older, I realize that all my birthday and Christmas presents from her come from a thrift store. I don't mind at all though. Those are the types of stores that she thoroughly enjoys and she doesn't have to spend a lot. I appreciate everything she's ever bought for me from a thrift store, and I will cherish these types of memories forever.
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of course mothers knows best and im sure she wanted to make you happy back then its not like now we have alot of hypermarket and big malls but im sure being with your mom and spoiling you something means alot to her no matter how it cost though i know not like in the biggest malls the thing that counts is you both have connections and she loves much...

memere??? never heard of that word, anywau u look very nice and sexy, thanks for d add