Tickling A Stranger

One night 23 year old Rich was driving on his way to his parents house after breaking up with his girlfriend the day before whom he stayed with. She claimed he was too controlling and couldn't take it anymore so he packed his things and planned to move back in with his parents til he got back on his feet. As he was driving it started to rain and too make matters worse his car started to stall then eventually it shut off on him. Now basically in the middle of nowhere Rich found himself stranded on the side of the road. Luckily for him even as it poured he noticed a big house not too far ahead so he grabbed a few of his things and jogged towards the house. When he reached the house he rang the doorbell repeatedly. A woman shouted "it better be the police!" As she opened her door without asking who it was she stared at Rich and said, "whatever you're selling I'm not buying it" Rich laughed and said, "I'm not selling anything, my car broke down on me just down the road and was wondering could I use your phone?" She replied "you're not a killer are you?" Once again he laughed and said, "nah I'm not a killer and if you don't wanna let me use your phone I'll understand" Feeling kinda sorry for him without hesitation she told him to come in before he catches the pneumonia. She directed him to the phone and he called his parents house. no one answered. "Come on come on pick up" Rich shouted as he continued to call and call but still no one answered. Frustrated Rich slammed the phone down and yelled, "dammit!" Is everything alright the woman asked? He said "no it's not, my parents aren't picking up the phone and I don't know what I'm gonna do" The woman just sat there looking at him. "what's your name miss?" I'm Vivian she answered. I'm Rich, nice to meet you he said as he shook her hand. Well I guess I'll just sit in my car til the car lets up so I can see what's wrong with it, Rich said. Nonsense, you'll do no such thing. You're gonna stay right here until the rain stop, then we'll take it from there Vivian said. You sure it won't be a problem? Rich asked. As long as you're not a killer it shouldn't be and you definitely don't look like a killer, she replied Thanks Vivian I really appreciate you letting me stay here, he said. No problem she said as she helped him take his soak and wet jacket off. If you'd like my son's room is just down the hall, you look about his size so feel free to change into something dry and I'll wash your clothes for you. Thanks, Rich said as he walked down the hallway into her son's bedroom and started searching for something to change into. After he found some clothes that fit him he started to undress and Vivian stood by the door and watched as he turn his damped shirt off exposing his well defined chest and abs. "Are those for me?' Rich asked as he saw her standing in the doorway with 2 towels. "Oh yeah" Vivian responded as she blushed and handed him the towels and stepped back into the hall feeling totally embarrassed. After he changed he handed her his wet clothes and she put them in the laundry and asked him was he hungry? "No not really but I'll take something to drink" He replied. "No problem" she said as she fixed him a glass of iced tea and walked it to the living room where he awaited her. After a few sips he sat the glass down and stared at Vivian who looked to be in her mid forties, about 5 foot 9 and a little on the thick side. "so do you live in this big house alone? He asked. Unfortunately yes, my son is away at college and comes to visit me on his breaks and my husband passed away 5 years ago from cancer Vivian replied. Sorry to hear that, Rich said. Yeah I get a lil lonely from time to time but hey what can I do right? She asked. "You don't date" Rich asked. Not really, I guess I scare men off because of my strong personality, she responded. Their lost, she said. "You're too sweet" she said, "do you have a girlfriend?" Rich answered, actually I just broke up with my girlfriend just yesterday, that's why I was going back home because I stayed with her. Oh okay she said, why did you two break up if you don't mind me asking? She claimed I was too controlling, I think she just wanted a reason to break things off because she didn't know I was following her for a week watching her have dinner and movies dates with another guy, Rich said. "Oh wow! I'm sorry sweetie" she replied. "Don't be, she was the one I made sorry" he said with a devilish grin. Confused she asked him what did he mean by that? Well she hates to be tickled more than anything else in the world so the day before yesterday I waited for her to fall asleep and i took all her clothes off and I tightly handcuffed both her hands over her head to the bedpost. Then I spread her legs apart and tied each of her ankles to the bottom corners of the bed, he answered. "Oh my!" Vivian shouted. "Yep" Rich said as he continued his story, then I woke her up by tickling her ear and she shouted, "what the hell is this?" I told her I knew what she's been doing and how she was dating another guy behind my back, that's why she used the excuse of me being controlling to end things. I wasn't going out like that Rich said. "So what did you do to her? Vivian asked with a nervous look on her face. Well I told you she hates to be tickled more than anything else in this world so that's exactly what I did. "Oh my goodness!! Vivian laughed. That's right I tickled the crap out of her until she cried and begged for mercy, then I tickled her some more, Rich laughed. When she got too loud I gagged her with one of her own socks, then I blindfolded her and started tickling her underarms like crazy while biting down hard on her nipples making her laugh and scream at the same time. She begged me to stop but I ignored and continued tickling her. I knew she kept a vibrator in her drawer so i took it out and pressed it against her private area. "Oh my!" Vivian shouted once again as Rich continued his story. She then started to moan and groan as I pressed the vibrator against her private area and when she was getting ready to *** I removed the vibrator and started tickling her underarms once again. I continued this pattern for about two hours. "You're crazy!" Vivian laughed, "so what did you do next?' she asked. Well I didn't let her have her ****** that's for sure, but when I got tired stopped and went into the other room and packed my stuff while she laid there crying, sweating and moaning. When I finished I went back to check on her and she was sleep. So I untied one of her wrist and left to stay the night at my friend's house because I didn't wanna be around once she woke up, Rich finished. After hearing his story Vivian found herself a little aroused and surprised by what Rich has done to his ex. "I'm a little ticklish myself" she said with a playful grin. "Is that right?" Rich asked."Yep but I won't go down without a fight though" she replied while laughing. Rich stood about 5 foot 6 and about 180 pounds so clearly Vivian had the height and weight advantage but that didn't bother Rich as he walked over to her and started tickling her. She quickly pushed him away while laughing but he continued to pursue her and this time she kicked him to the floor. "Oh my goodness are you okay?!" Vivian screamed. "Man you wasn't lying when you said you don't go down without a fight" Rich said as he picked himself up off the floor. "I told you! I'm a tough old woman" she said playfully. As he was getting up off the floor he noticed she had on flip flops so he grabbed her left ankle and pulled the flip flop off and started tickling the sole of her foot. She screamed and laughed trying to kick him off with her other foot but he managed to lock her right foot in with her left foot and slipped off her other flip flop and before she knew it he was tickling both of her soles at the same time. Vivian fell backwards on the couch laughing uncontrolling as Rich continued to tickled her helpless soles. After a few minutes he noticed how beautiful her feet were and started to massage them. Her high pitched laughed suddenly changed into soft moans as she laid there and let him pamper her feet. He then started to kiss and suck on her nice thick plump soft mature toes and that made her arch her back as she laid there on the couch moan softly saying, "oh yes just like that" After about 15 minutes of him pampering her feet he started tickling them again. "Oh no, oh god no!" Vivian shouted as she began to laugh uncontrollably again. Then Rich jumped on top of her and started tickling her side and her stomach. She fought him off as long as she could but even with his sized he still managed to pin both of her arms down together with her left hand and started tickling her with his right hand. Completely pinned down and helpless Vivian began to scream and laugh to the top of her lungs. Hearing her react the way she did completely turned Rich on and while he still had her arms pinned down he started to kiss her lips. She passionately kissed him back and as felt his rock hard manhood in his pants she started to once again get aroused. "It's been so long since I had a man kiss me like that" Vivian said. "I can tell" Rich replied. "Is that right?" she laughed. Without answering he started to kiss her lips once again, this time with a little more aggression. "I have an idea" he whispered in her ear. "Oh really" she asked. Without saying a word he jumped off Vivian's body and helped her off the couch and asked where was her bedroom? She pointed him in the right direction and he grabbed her hand and led her to her bedroom. To Rich's delight Vivian had a silver brass bed frame made easily to tie or handcuff someone to. Once in the bedroom she asked what was it that he had in mind exactly? Again without saying a word she started kissing her lips while unbuttoning her shirt. Once unbuttoned she quickly removed her shirt then unhooked her bra exposing big beautifully shaped breast. Amazed at the sight before him Rich began licking her already hard nipples. Vivian's knees began to buckle as he continued to lick away at her nipples. Then he reaches for her pants and pulls them down allowing her to step out of them. Now Vivian is standing in front of Rich, a complete stranger whom she just met about an hour ago just in her panties. Rich looked her entire 5 foot 9 body up and down and asked her did she own any handcuffs? Shockingly without hesitation Vivian reached under her bed and pulled out a large black box. "I don't get to use this stuff much anymore" she said as she sat the box on her bed. Rich opened the box and saw many different color handcuffs, whips, nipple clamps, blindfolds, ball gags etc. "Damn you get down like this?" he asked. "My late husband was a freak and like when I tied him up and whipped him, I was his own personal little dominatrix" she responded. "So you're used to being in control huh?" Rich asked. "Pretty much, I've never been tied up, handcuffed or even pinned down before" she replied. "Well first time for everything" he said as he grabbed one of her wrist and attached one of the handcuffs to it. Vivian gave him a nervous glare but she didn't resist. When he saw she didn't he laid her on her back and wrapped the handcuffs around the brass bed frame and handcuffed both her wrist across each other in an x form. After she heard the last click of handcuffs unable to hide her fear she started to shake. Rich noticed it and asked was she okay? "I've only known you for about an hour and I let you ***** me down to just my panties and handcuff me to my bed, what am I thinking?" she asked herself. "If you want me to let you go then I will" Rich stated. Vivian just laid there in silence as she thought to herself that this was the closest she's ever been intimate with another man since her husband passed away 5 years ago. Half of her was nervous and thought about how stupid she was to let a total stranger handcuff her to her bed. He could easily rob her and harm her in the process. But the other half of her wanted to see what he had in store for her especially after the story he told her about his ex earlier with the tickling. Vivian always thought how it would feel to be on the other side of the dominant role since she was always the dominant one in her marriage. Now here she laid handcuffed and helpless at the mercy of this hot young stud how knew exactly what he was doing when it came to this stuff. Before she could reply Rich gently kissed her lips and said, "this is the least I could do for your hospitality" Feeling a little at ease Vivian relaxed all her muscles and said, "okay sweetie" After he spread her legs apart and handcuffed each one of her ankles to the bottom corners of the bed she now was completely stretched out and immobile. Rich climbed on top of Vivian and straddled her hips and said, "I'm looking forward to seeing just how much a tough woman like you can take" Before she could respond back he started tickling her underarms. She screamed and tried to pull at the handcuffs but he had them so tight around her wrist and ankles that she couldn't even move her arms or legs at all so the only thing she could do it laid there and take it like a champ. He also tickled her neck, nipples, ribs and sides as well but he concentrated more on her underarms since that seemed to be her most ticklish spot on body next to her feet. After about 20 minutes of non stop tickling Rich got off Vivian who was totally drenched in sweat with tears rolling down her eyes and moved to the bottom of the bed and started tickling in between her thighs and hips sending her deeper into what felt like physical hell. "Please stop, I can't take it anymore!" she yelled. "Come on now, a big strong tough woman like yourself can take much more than this can't you?" Rich asked as he started to slide his index fingers up and down both of her soles. Vivian continued to scream and cry and laugh all at once as he started to nibble and bite each and every one of her toes while still sliding her finger up and down her soles. After what felt like an eternity for her, he finally stopped and walked out the room. As Vivian laid there trying to catch her breath Rich walked back into the room with a glass of water with ice filled to the top with a straw in it. He sat next to her and put the straw in her mouth and she begin drinking the water non stop until it was less than halfway gone. "Are....are you done now?" she softly asked. "Oh I'm just getting started" he replied as he searched through the black box. He pulled out a pair of nipple clamps and a blindfold. "Oh god no!" Vivian shouted as Rich applied the nipple clamps to each one of her already hard nipples. A tingling sensation ran rapidly through her body after the clamps were applied and things only got worse for her from there once he covered her eyes with the blindfold. Now not only was she helpless but she couldn't see what was gonna happen next so she began to softly whimper not realizing that by her doing so only turned Rich on even more. He was aroused at the fact that within an hour of meeting her he was able to ***** this big beautiful tough older woman down to her underwear, handcuff her to her bed and have her crying like a little girl as he tickled and had his way with her helpless body. He climbed back on top of Vivian and asked her why was she crying? She responded, "because I can't take anymore" After she said that he immediately started tickling her underarms again saying "I'll be the judge of that" All she could do was scream, cry and laugh all over again while he continued to tickle torture her upperbody. Vivian yelled, "Could you please tickle something other then my underarms?!" Rich ignored her request and started sliding his tongue up and down her underarms and nibbling on them. Vivian then began to curse at Rich calling him every single name in the book that she could think of. This led him to reach into the black box to pull out a ball gag. "Don't you dare!!" Vivian shouted. Once again ignoring her request he lifted her head up and attached the ball gag strap around it and stuffed the ball in her mouth. Now on top of the blindfold and the nipple clamps she couldn't speak either, all she could do was muffle her screams through the gag. Afterwards Rich gently clawed his fingers up and down her helpless arms to her armpits over and over again and all she could do was swing her head back and forth and muffle through the gag. Rich has never been this sexually excited in his entire life and he felt like a kid in a candy store being able to completely have his way with Vivian's body as he saw fit. While clawing his fingers up and down her arms he noticed a few different size whips in the box. He grabbed the smallest one and began lightly whipping away at her stomach. Her muffles turned from loud cries to soft moaning. So he gave it a little more force and whipped her stomach one last time and she screamed through the gag. Feeling totally in control he reached for the biggest whip in the box and started whipping away at Vivian sweaty flesh. He left no body part untouched (except her feet) as he continued to whip her arms, stomach, sides, hips, thighs and legs while shouting out, "you like that?! you like that?!". Completely immobile all she could do was cry and scream through the gag and endure this torture session that Rich was administrating to her. After a few minutes of whipping he noticed that she was trying to tell him something through her muffles so he removed the gag and she cried, "my nipples, my nipples" He slowly removed each nipple clamp and she screamed as he removed them. Vivian's nipples were a crimson red and hard at the same time so Rich began gently licking the tips of them. "No don't please they hurt" she pleaded. But he hasn't listened to her all this time and he wasn't gonna start now as he began sucking on her tender and sensitive nipples. Soon the pain of his tongue started to turn into pleasure and sensation for Vivian as she softly mentioned that it felt good. "Oh it feels good huh?" Rich yelled. He stuffed the ball gag back into her mouth and once again started to viciously tickle her underarms while she screamed and cried through the gag. It was like he had an underarm fetish or something because 80% of the time he spent tickling her underarms but he got the most reaction out of her when he did so maybe that's why. He continued tickling her underarms while biting on her already sore nipples and kissing on her stomach. After about 15 more agonizing minutes for Vivian Rich finally stopped tickling her and said, "wow you're tougher than I thought, I think you earned a treat" He reached into the box and pulled out one of her vibrators and turned it on low and pressed it against her already throbbing and swollen wet v*****. Vivian moaned and whined through the gag as he turned the speed up on the vibrator and applied more pressure. When she was about to *** he remove the vibrator and she growled underneath the gag. He repeated this pattern about 4 times before letting Vivian release her build up well deserved ******. Afterwards from all the torture mixed with pleasure she received Vivian was completely drained and fell asleep while still handcuffed to her bed. When she woke up about three hours later she was uncuffed and wrapped in her blanket. Rich was nowhere in sight as she called his name. She noticed on note on her nightstand which read, "Dear Vivian, thanks once again for your hospitality. I called my father and he had my car towed so I drove with the tow truck driver because you looked so peaceful sleeping and I didn't wanna wake you. I really enjoyed the time we spent and I had alot of fun handcuffing you and tickling the hell out of you. I'm flattered at the level of trust you had in me and I considered that a real privilege. I would love to do it again if you're interested and maybe take it to the next level if you know what I mean. I programmed my number into your cell phone so feel free to call me whenever you would like to see me again. I hope you use that number because I believe this could be the beginning of a beautiful kinky friendship. Sincerely Rich" Immediately after reading the letter Vivian looked down at her still tender and sore nipples and begin rubbing them and thought about the entire time she was handcuffed and without hesitation she smiled and picked up her cell phone and began dialing Rich number.
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Feb 8, 2013