Oh Is That My Belly Button Showing?

I love wearing my tight low rise jeans that let my big belly hang over and bounce on top. I like wearing tigth shirts on top of that, that show off my slight double belly and show the outline of my belly button. My belly feels incredible as it bounces and jiggles when I walk. I love going out and catching people staring at my belly bulge because I just let it hang out more and even add a little bounce. Sometimes ill be wearing a little tight blouse that shows my round shape, love handles, and back fat rolls that my bf loves to grab. Sometimes he will see my belly popping out while we walk at stores or while we're on a date and give it a fat pat or a big grab & jiggle and people will look over at us, it turns me on a little to get noticed for being a loved big fat girl. I can't wait till I outgrow more clothes and continue to wear them and hang out of them even more. I will keep eating and going out with my belly hanging, jiggling and getting attention!
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6 Responses Mar 1, 2011

come on, grow out of the clothes

Fat women are very sexy!

Growing out of clothes is a great feeling!

Adorable. You can do that around me and catch my attention anytime :D

Just wait till he starts feeding u!(: it's amazing I love when my belly gets attention!(: <br />
Keep growing!(:

You are awesome and your BF is sooooooooooo lucky and I am sooooooo jealous!!!!