I Could Use Some Clothing Advice!

Well, I have been working part time at the window of my post office and part time in processing for about three months. My one co-worker was right, I have started to pile on the pounds, and since I am not doing more than a couple hours of light physical labor a day, my muscles are giving way to beautiful, soft, feminine fat! My walk used to have a bounce in it...not anymore! I now sway a little, and the only bounce is in my breasts and stomach. Right now, I am the second heaviest female clerk in my office, and I am so proud! I did see something that nearly drove me wild, however, and I need advice from all the admirers out there. Two women came to the window and they were bigger than me, around 250. Both were dressed very nicely, however, they had on mini skirts! Oh my! One had on a tight tank top that showed her very deep navel, the other, had a top that was pretty, but let the belly hang right out over the skirt when she raised her arms. I wonder, do you guys prefer watching a fat lady who covers a bit or wears fitting clothes, or do you like it when she wears something stylish but tight?
Also, on bathing suits, one piece or two? Belly covered or belly exposed?
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Love how sexy a fat girl looks in a bikini! :)

Two piece for when you're really, really big and fat! :)

Stylish and tight and a two piece belly exposed

Belly exposed and wearing fitting clothes works for me!

As a rule of thumb, if you're dressing to impress men, the less covered the better.

I bet!

As your sister in fat, I am here to tell you that I am really enjoying a 2 piece swimsuit with a bikini bottom and longer top that doesn't quite cover the big round belly. I really like the way the stretchy fabric almost massages my great and very sensitive abdominal swell - and the way it tends to creep up, exposing more and more of my belly as I bend and move. Also, it's especially nice for me to feel my belly fat push over the top of the bikini and yet still feel a little support from the fabric below. Bottom line: just feels good and sexy to me.<br />
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For swimming, I do opt for the one-piece, as matronly as that usually appears, mainly so I don't get kicked out of the pool for indecent exposure should some part of me pop out of the suit!<br />
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The way I see it, no one's looking at a fat middle-aged woman at the beach anyway - I'm certainly not unique in THAT aspect - so I might as well just suit myself and wear what feels good. I'm not bold enough to wear a bikini in public, so the "tankini" option seems like it's just inside of the "respectable" line. But probably just barely.<br />
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My choice of street clothes/work clothes is definitely on the modest side because I go out to earn my bread with my skills and knowledge, neither of which have anything to do with prostitution. I personally prefer having a few good-quality outfits that can be switched up and accessorized for variety. If necessary, I recommend professional alteration to get the right fit. Admittedly, it is difficult for fat women to get something nice off the rack AND have the correct fit right out of the store.<br />
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A good dressmaker is worth her weight in gold!

I agree with you on the dressamaker Juno!

BBWs are sexy, no matter what they show or what they wear. Whether they show skin , or need to wear stretch pants or tent dresses. Wear what you like and are comfortable in.

That's a great question. If she were MY girl, I'd opt for the more modest, classy style. People would still know she's big, but showing some fashion sense would still arouse the FAs without setting off the fat haters.

I love to see stylish BBW's downtown and I love to see BBW's in torn sweatpants at Wal-Mart. Each has its own charm! My budding BBW girlfriend offers a variety of delightful sights in her own way...

Torn sweatpants?

Depends if you love the attention of having your belly exposed. As a FA. it is a huge turn-on but there are more fat haters than admirers. So, ir's your personal preference.

for shear lear content the more of you i can see the better. nice and tight that accents your big beautifull belly and accompaning rolls. as for swim suit, a two piece