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Sometimes, I do to make people laugh. :D. Specially for kids.
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Anto 815<br />
Thanks for the comment. :). That’s a good idea. Going to children hospital ward. I will look forward on this. I like to make other laugh. :D. And I would like to be your friend. :)<br />
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Thanks Whym too. :)

Hello! I think that is just wonderful.... Did you know yhat "Laughter" is the best medicine. "Boy" do I wish you were in my life right now because I could go for a good laugh....Please keep doing what you do. Did you ever consider going to the childrens hospital ward to put on a show? I really think that would be just wonderful.. Keep doing it. I wish there was more people in the world like you. The world would be a better place to live!.....Anto815