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Oh Baby

Hehehehe I had to!
SpiritOfTheRabbit SpiritOfTheRabbit 31-35, F 18 Responses May 19, 2011

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Very Sexy!

So do I. And caress them, too.

Ha! The daddy long legs is cool!

cool...we got something in common ;)

Second visit here. I Still appreciate long pretty legs. just saw my comment from way back then and enjoyed the second look see. Thanks for so artfully arranging the photos.


I was just waiting for the last one. Lmao. :)

Yes I like looking at nice legs too. Very cool pics. Thank you for your story.

By admiring such pics, you are setting yourself for a self-esteem failure. Tall and lanky has been the fashion for 50 years. But most women aren't that way, especially after their first child.

I'm tall and I would be lanky if not for my endocrine disorder that keeps me fat. My legs are actually the one part of me that always remain toned and slender, and they are pretty long. (I'm 5'9")

If you are 5'9", think about taking a picture that nicely builds on that fact. You had me believing you were 5'2" - 5'4" like most women. Being as tall as you are may be more awkward with men than your shape. Most men will not date a woman taller than themselves.

I'm pretty sure it's my shape. I've dated shorter men before, but I just don't have a very feminine shape, and that works against me with men.

You have a good and interesting mind so you will do fine in life and here at EP too. And soome of us do appreciate a woman for their intellect and for their body even if it is a thick body.. I like thick bodied women too no prejudice here.

All I have to go by is that one full length mirror self-shot. You look feminine enough, trust me. But keep in mind that femininity and sexiness are not on the surface but in the mind. A chunky woman who is thrilled at seeing a new date naked for the first time, is worth 10,000 lanky Giselle Bundchens with snarky attitudes, who see a new man mainly as a new set of credit cards to milk.

I will date taller women, in fact I prefer it it's a real turn on tall women are larger than life somehow. The men who won't are brainwashed into the whole protector provider
Mind ******* and they look for weak shrimpy looking women that they think will be dependant on them. It's a lousy way to live, like an animal nothing more meaningful than body guard service and money in exchange for sex no real romance or anything deeper than a discovery channel episode there.

I'm 5'10" myself. Want to hook up?

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Oh my Goodness! Luvverley!! You have edited it haven't you! Excuse me, I'm just off for a cold shower!

Thank you SpiritofTheRabbit for such lovely pictures!

Long Pretty Legs exist to be admired!

BTW are there meant to be 4 images? I can see two - the woman in an oval frame and the one who seems to wrestling with a trestle, but the panels above and below are blank save for a tiny coloured square in the middle of each.

Perhaps they are too saucy for my computer!

There were originally 4 images, but over time some of them expired and were removed. I'll edit.

very funny. that first picture is amazing tho

nice legs,like my 2 girls blonde,blue eyed and with heels they do me proud.

Wow, definitely long legs then.

I'm 5'9" also!


Ummm, how tall Jade?

then youd love mine.. haha, im so tall, i often feel awkward