I'm not a big marriage believer, but like a lot of little girls growing up I did always day dream about the day I would get married. Nothing to big, but that nice perfect dress, flower petals here and there, rain or shine either way it would be beautiful to me. Mostly I always imagined the poor fool who had the nerve to ask me to marry him at the end of the alter. Staring in his eyes as I walk towards him, to see all the love in his eyes reflect back.
After losing the perception of what marriage is the only time I ever feel that way about it anymore is when I happen to see that one beautiful dress someone happens to be wearing in a magazine, or a random ad on the internet. No not the ones that make the girl look like a tramp with the cut out here and there, and it's so short that her father walking her down the aisle has a heart attack. (though that would be nice to wear on the honeymoon) But that nice elegant dress that shows off her smile, where you can tell she's thinking genuinely I Am Beautiful. Nice confident, and ready to walk down that aisle to say I Do.
Every time I feel a little more hopeful that one day it might just happen to me. Who knows, I can't see the future :P
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May 15, 2012