As soon as I learned to talk my favoutite word was 'why', my my mum found it quite frustrating because her answer was never enough I would always says but why.  Not I'm all grown up and I still like to ask why. 

I am starting to realise that sometimes there is no reason why! and i do not need to know why things are the way there are, I just need to accpet that they are that way!  Why leads to progress, but it can be tiring for me to always want to know why.

I like to analyse people and myself.  Analysing people is more fun than analying myself because it doesn't really lead to anything and it can be quite depressing.  I know that introspection is a worthy process for ones self awarness but sometimes I just need to be distracted away from myself.  I want to know why I am the way I am!  but I must stop!

eelarc eelarc
26-30, F
Mar 8, 2010