My Wife's Tiny ****

I love my wife's tiny **** [actually they are not that small, but a nice 32b cup]. She looks hot in a white "wife beater" t-Shirt, as her nipples are always erect.  Because of her small size, she never wears a bra, and I always encourage her to hang loose and keep a few buttons undone.  Love it!
vancouverguy vancouverguy
46-50, M
4 Responses Dec 7, 2012

Love small cute ****. Much sexier than big boobes.

Sounds perfect - and she enjoys letting others see her beautiful charms. You should post some photos of her!

Sounds very sexy!

A 32B is cute, especially with perky,pointy nips...I bet you ( and your friends) get a beautiful view when she bends over...