I like to ask questions, but I also like to answer them. Which do I like more? I don't really know.

Can't honestly say that I love to ask questions though. It's like having a hobby versus having an obsession, I think. I may ask things all the time, but I can control myself if need be.

I'm lucky to have friends that don't get annoyed with me (too often) if I question them.

What kinds of questions do I ask? Weird ones.

I'm not the sort of person who wonders about typical things unless they have some secret strangeness to them. I like to ask questions people can't give typical answers to. :P

Like "what would you do if you one day woke up as a duckling?" or "do you think it's possible to make molten bread?"

Maybe they're "stupid" questions, maybe they're not. It all depends on opinion, doesn't it?

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