Cookie Baking

I love to bake, especially when it comes to homemade cookies.  I think baking is a lost art, you know?  When I make cookies, i mess the whole kitchen up.  Flour is floating in the air, butter is melting softening in the microwave and egg shells litter the counter-tops.  Cookie baking is a love language to me.  When the cookies are baking and the aroma of chocolate chips and sugar fill the house, when the oven warms up the cold kitchen, when a friend comes over, i know it feels like home, in my house.  
I think that cookie baking cheers even the sourest person up.  On a rainy day when the storms are threatening the worst, rain is violent and flooding has taken over the outside-you should bake cookies!  On a sunny day when the pollen is at the highest, the leaves are cracking and burning up from the hot sun.....  or whenever the autumn cold is come and the ground smells dry, the air is crisp and the cold snow just awaits around the corner.....  there is never a wrong time to bake...
I think it takes a special girl to know the right ingredients, how to mix the batter and when you pull out the cookies. Lots of people can go to the store and buy a package of oreos or ready made dough, but when a cookie is made from scratch that is what love is like. At Christmas-time I love to bake cookies and give them as gifts to my friends. I bake chocolate chip, oatmeal and peanut butter. With three kinds of cookies, there has to be a favorite somewhere.. Doesn't a batch of fresh and chewy cookies just sound mouthwatering? yummy!
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Well I'm no girl, but I like to bake! I do the same thing -- mess the whole place up. Cookies are great, but I like baking bread, or homemade cinnamon/raisin or cinnamon/pecan sticky buns, or apple or peach dumplings, or fresh pie-- apple, cherry, blueberry, strawberry/rhubarb, or cakes of every description... I've been baking since before I hit my teens. My mother showed me how and I've been doing it ever since. I wish I could interest my daughters in it too. They, like their mother, aren't into it. They like the baked goods, but don't like to have to do all the work. But that's my language of love -- making homemade foods (main courses and desserts) and sharing with those I love. There's nothing better than homemade comfort food -- my downfall -- especially since I'm a stress eater.

That story tells it all. What a wonderful person you must be. After reading the story, I could almost smell the aroma in the air.