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My Hobby

I love baking. Some people dont like the patience and precision but that's what I DO like. Putting effort into it and getting beautiful AND delicious results is very satisfying. I bake anything and everything, I love trying something new, but my favorite is making really great breads. Ive been very slightly tweaking my standard recipes for the lest few years and trying to get a better understanding of the manipulations of time to develop flavor and understanding old -school baking percentage formulae. My latest jag is trying to develop my own "signature" sourdough flavor and shape. The perfect crust and crumb that everyone will know is MY bread. Right now im playing with a couple of different starters, I just made one with about 1/4 rye that I think has potential. I would love any advice or tricks. ; )
ngdi ngdi 36-40, M 6 Responses May 6, 2012

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Similarily.... I bake too..... but my preference is for sweeter treats! Typical girl really.

I made some gorgeous white peach dumplings last night ;) if its not too humid later im making some macarons with a salted caramel ganache; wanna come over?

Oh sweet heavens.... *heads for the cab*

I love baking too but i normally bake cakes as opposed to bread. I don't really know how to bake bread. I think i have imagined it to be much more complicated than it is in my mind ! <br />
<br />
I would love to make fresh soft fluffy bread rolls of go with a casserole or stew. Maybe a nice french baguette for lunch time. <br />
<br />
Unfortunately i don't know how to yet, but i will one day !!

I love to bake too. But the one time I tried making sourdough failed miserably. I'm much better at cakes and things like that, but I wouldn't mind giving sourdough another try.

totally agree with you. for me its creating. probably like artistic things trying out new things. And right now I'm finding the right pie crust for my pumkin pie. anyway, take cares.

I usually make my pie crust blending the flour and butter in a food processor until it looks like cornmeal, then stir in the water as absolutely cold as possible, ice water that I've had in the freezer until it just starts to freeze on the top. Then I work quicklly, stir it up and pat it into a disk, wrap it up and stick it back in the freezer for a bit, until it feels really firm but not frozen. Then I roll it out with a marble roller on a piece of marble, possibly refrigerated depending on the time of year. It's all about keeping that butter cold. : )

soo kool. thanks for sharing. :) I have never actually used my water or butter at cold tempertaures. mainly room temp or a bit less. -_o

I seem to be screwing most of my baking up lately perhaps you can give me some pointers hahaha. I used to quite good. Oh an I must say, well done on the baking thing.

I will hand deliver. : )