Don't Even Need A Recipe

My father grew up during the depression and a lot of times growing up we were very poor, so I learned at a young age not to be wasteful. When stuff is going to go bad, I make something out of it. Usually when it is veggies, it's frozen to make stock for a later date. When it's stuff that I can make sweats out of, then it's a baked desert.

Right after Christmas some eggnog and banana yogurts went on sale at my local grocery story. My kids usually like that sort of stuff, but they didn't care for these that I bought. The eggnog had way too much nutmeg. So I'm baking with it today.

I also realized, while cleaning out my cabinets that I was not paying attention to how much peanut butter I was buying. We have like four huge jars of it.

I have this ability to just know the right amount of everything to put in stuff and can put anything together without a recipes. Anyhow, today I made a banana cake, pumpkin cake, peanut butter cookies, and peanut butter cake. No recipes needed. I'm good like that.
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3 Responses Jan 6, 2013

Yummy and innovative.

I love this story, feels like home. And I admire mothers who can bake.
I can't bake. I never tried baking in my whole life. But I'm good at bringing up a simple menu fron scratch. Just throwing all what's left in the fridge and turn it into a new menu. My kids would sometimes ask what it's called. And I'd name it like "******* casserole" or "Tomato la puneta".

and there's peanut butter and crackers, peanut butter toast, peanut butter on celery, peanut butter scrambled eggs, peanut butter n coffee, peanut butter poptarts, peanut butter meatloaf , peanut butter facials ...

LOL.....Something tells me my kids will not eat peanut butter in scrambled eggs or meatloaf.