Cookies and Cakes and Pies!

I think that the worst part about a diet is that I cut down on the baking! But a good thing for my friends is that they get lots of goodies!!  If I make a cake we end up taking half of it to our nieghbors! But my real weakness is sugar cookies! I will make dozens just so that I can decorate them! And my husband hates it! (he doesn't really have a sweet tooth so he doesn't like all of the extra sugar on top!) But I love it it's like edible art! But I am just getting into that, I mean cake and cookie decorating! I believe that tonight I am going to make mini cupcakes with royal icing daisys and silver dragees and then spread the love!!!
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2 Responses Jul 4, 2007

Hey, me too! I love to bake and share with people but haven't been doing much of it since I've started baking less due to diet.<br />
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I love to share with my neighbors too!

I want to be your neighbor! =) Or I want YOU to be my neighbor :P haha... I should really consider getting one of those pneumatic post delivery systems/tubes and link it to YOUR oven :D hehehe