I Love Barter

I love to barter for things.  The things I have to offer are pottery, original clay wall art, garden sculpture, colourful one-of-a-kind knitted socks, beaded amulet bags, jewellery repair, garden produce or cuttings, readings of the stones.  Whenever I do an arts fair, barter is the end-of-fair rite for all the participating artists and craftspeople.  While the fair is on, everyone makes sure to go check out everybody else's work, and then find out who's willing to barter.  I have bartered at fairs for handweaving, jewellery, glass art.  Among my friends and acquaintances  I barter for all sorts of things.  Art, eggs, raw milk, anything I need or want.  I just love it! 

61-65, F
Mar 25, 2009