Love It

i love the silence, the peacefulness, the way i can meditate or just watch tv and relax.   I hate people bothering me during that time.  so many times i will get a text msg from a friend asking me if i want to hang out, and i say no or don't answer them, and then they come TO MY DOOR to bother me.  it's very frustrating..or, they get offended when I don't want to see them.. I just want time to myself. I just want my alone time and to not be bothered - is that really so much to ask?
idkanym0re idkanym0re
26-30, M
1 Response Aug 30, 2011

same here! i feel da same way so many times, when i just wanna sit alone and relax, think and spend time alone peacefully. and its definitely soo irritating when ppl keep coming in or people interrupt, its lyk hello leave me da hell alone!!! but sum ppl just don understand, i totally kno how u feel :)