Everyday I need my alone moments,I feel very down if I am not on my own at least for a few hours. Although I am a talkative person but I just like to keep my mouth shut on those moments. Usually I read,write or listen to my favorite songs when I am alone. I enjoy  my moments very much,and I find it very difficult to deal with if I am surrounded by people 24/7.
I feel as if I am stuck inside a cage when I am among the people I don't connect on an emotional basis. I have been spending time by myself for few hours in a day since my childhood. Being an only child I never had anyone to spend my time with apart from my parents. I grew up among books,coloring books,crayons and my own thoughts.Now when I look back,I think that must be the reason behind my attachment with myself rather than another human being.
Sometimes I am misunderstood by people for my fascination with spending some alone moments every day. I also love the company of others as much as you do but I just can't be among them for a very long time....I feel like choking,I need my space...I need my privacy.
Then,after spending some time by myself I feel very jovial and I go back to my loved feels so very good......until I start craving for my alone moments again.

Aliva Aliva
36-40, F
1 Response Feb 8, 2010

Hi Avalon....I didn't know you need it too :) Yeah,this is something people who go through it only can understand.<br />
To tell you the truth sometimes I feel lonely when I am among many people but never in my own company.<br />
<br />
Yeah,so very true....we just need to recharge our batteries!......and I do hope that we are not hurting people while doing so.