I S The Glass Half Full Or Half Empty?

 or as I think, is the glass really there?

Sorry to get all existential on yo ***. But this is the **** I think about.

I love abstract thoughts.

Back to the 50/50 split water bearing glass receptacle:

if I accept that the glass is there, how can I prove it is? What criteria would I use to judge?

ponder that for a while.........

Then, once I am satisfied I have an acceptable analysis, I ask, what does it mean that I have worked that out? Can that knowledge be applied, be useful or related to anything else I know/may need to know? After pondering the glass and water, and their properties, I would then wonder if the material nature of a drinking glass that holds a (curiously specific) amount of water means anything in the great scheme of things? Why am I thinking this thought in the first place? Other people don't question the existence of glasses...but maybe someone else has? Oooh what did they think? And that's why I love philosophy. :-) Especially that So-crates dude, he was especially excellent, shame he was executed for 'corrupting the young'.....but you all knew that! I'm a bit thirsty now. Bedtime xxx
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26-30, F
May 18, 2010