I Juss Like Being Alone......

"" people think im weird bcause i really dnt tlk that much or they think, i think im 2 g00d or sumthing...but i juss lyke being a lone and i like 2 stay 2 ma self" i been through so much stuff with people that i juss dnt care if i have friends or not, im juss so tired of all the lie's and arguing with people that i juss dnt wont 2 be around any body" its been like that for 2 years now" and i lyke it " yea i have a couple of friends, and when im with them i juss feel lyke i dnt belong and i juss wont 2 go in the house and smoke a cigg or sumthing and chill relax," when i go places it juss feels like every bodys looking at me. being around alot of people is juss over whelming to m3" so i juss stay to my self or with my boyfriend or sum thing* i juss love to relaxx  with out people around and talking...i juss like peace****
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2 Responses Jul 10, 2010

i feel exactly the same. and i can understand totally how it feel,s i can sense you , i just passed thru the same phase but now i,ve started to mingle with some good people. don,t thing everyone is same, still there are some good people , helpful people.make some good friends.

sometimes its good to be alone and think. but at the same time try to mingle with others, it''ll do good. =]]