Sang-froid' (sang-frwa')

I don't usually worry much, though problems and obstacles are always present on my way. Why worry? The sky won't fall tomorrow. There's always a solution under that enormous sun, something to do to overcome. Problems are part of my daily living, it is the factor that makes life difficult yet exciting. Problems are sanative, they don't exist for the rest of your life, some stay for a day, a week, a month, a year or even more than but will certainly end. Problems are teachers, the mentor of life. I'm not boasting but I'm that typical person who loves challenges, i see it as an opportunity to learn and to become more stronger than before. Problems are like earthquake shaking your potentials, your ability and most, your trust and faith. It will test the whole you so abstain from failing. Be strong and courageous! Keep a weathered eye on that horizon!

thesixpathsofpain thesixpathsofpain
1 Response Oct 31, 2010

Life will throw you experiences from all angels, be prepared for them and you will get through them.<br />
Being prepared for what comes your way will always come when your alone going deep into thought, you begin to hear the answers from that silent communication coming from a connection to the Higher Voice we all hear, its when you say yes! that's it, I know, and believe it to be true. many times we talk ourself out of it, but when you can remember what came to you and act upon it, the inner strength with confidence builds for each experience to become better.