Being Dump

In my dating life I experienced many ignores, rejections and breakups but as for being dump I went through it for just one time and it hurt.

The heartbreaks of being dumped hurts like nothing else in the world of losing love.! Because it eats at your self respect, self esteem and integrity. When someone dumps you without a reason they say so much in degrade and disrespect for you not just as a girl/boy, man/woman but also as a person in all of its meaning.

I started to doubt about myself, my image, my appearance and my social skills...What did I do wrong? I wondered. Why only after one wonderfully sweet day he never saw me again? There was no signal whatsoever. Only some unreasonable silence. And I thought I was excellent at reading signs.!

Then later on he realized how painful wrong action was and called me to console me but the damage was done. I rather he told me that we weren't right for each other than put up the show, went through with all the acts, then dropped it just like that.

Through this experience I feel used, dumb and inhumane. Feel like a fool
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I feel for your experince of being rejected with no reason behind it I have had that with friends , and you do think what I have done , and its very destressing people should have the guts and be honest why they want no involvement with you . That is easier to take then being ignored and rejectioned and left wondering . take care mishy40

Thanks mishy40
The problem with not being informed for a rejection is that you tend to think the worst about the situation. It makes you wonder what is possibly the reason so worst and offending that the person cannot get himself to tell you!
It is best to give a hint even if you cannot tell it all straight out when you don't like someone.
An old fashion statement like, "I like to be friends" always work to show someone that there is no romance between them.

Being dumped can be, and is, painful and insulting. To be led on is a horribly cruel thing to happen. I would just consider the source... anyone that shallow is not worth your time and emotions! Feel better soon!

I agree with your story about how it can hurt, but I think if they dont tell you why the problem is always with the other person and their level of maturity. I dated a handsome Spanish doctor once and never saw him again because he had bad breath, I debated telling him but just couldnt bring myself to do so. I was in my twenties at the time and the same thing would never happen now.<br />
<br />
Just know that whatever the reason the person is immature and you will go on to meet someone just right for you :)

It's funny how so many many people mention maturity as a factor in this incident. You get me thinking... yes perhaps, no matter what the person say now, i cannot help but feel that his idea of love is somewhat shallow. iduno, just have this thoughts in me all the time when talking with him

Sorry that you went through the pain, but take away a lesson to help you or someone in the future...

Don't take it personally, it is just part of life.

Bear Hug . .sorry to hear that but we live and learn and the most refreshing thing to learn is that there are so many other people who are genuine and know and appreciate love too . .really!!

It always hurts when treated like that. It happens to both men and women. Both sexes can be brutally shallow and callous and both sexes have to deal with exactly the things you mentioned.

Thank you for expressing your predicament here. It helps to release some of the pain while at the same time inform others. I am so used to seeing these ex<x>pressions of loss as personal attacks that go on ad infinitum that completely turns one off. Two ways to express the same loss I suppose. Your honesty was refreshing in its humanity instead of brutality.

So sorry!