School Assignment: Brave New World (new) Chapter: Someones Pain Is Another's Pleasure

Bernard was taking his normal stroll when walking through the courtyard he couldn’t help but notice the large crowd gathered in the middle of the area. Bernard, like all the others, was curious what was going on and he decided to join them. Pushing and shoving slightly to see what all the commotion was about until suddenly everyone stopped dead in their tracks, the intercom switched on and the brief sound of static echoed for a second before the voice of reason’s voice flowed into their minds. “Hello friends, Hello… stop pushing, love one another, be calm, wait your turn to see the new one, welcome her into our society, welcome her friends… Love her, the same as you love everyone else, welcome her….” The voice shut off and the crowd, including Bernard, stood there in silence just simply staring forward waiting to see what the commotion was originally about. The directors proud and confident voice spoke out, “hello there, fellow ones! We have a new member of our society today!” the director walked off in hopes that the good little slaves would help her fit in, immediately the entire crowd began to overwhelm her with questions.

Bernard slipped past most of the crowd and managed to get near the front where he could see her, he started with his eyes fixated on her feet. She wore white sneakers; they were simple and quite small, next moving up to her slender legs, she wore a knee length skirt that flowed outwards, her shirt was a nice blouse that accentuated her hips, hugging them gently and making her breast appear perky, round and firm. Bernard could not help but lick his lips as he looked at her, but his breath stopped when he looked at her face. Her face was a pale grey, lips full, soft and pink but her eyes were striking. Her eyes appeared to be grey and looked as though they could kill a man with one gaze; the girl brushed her long, silky, dark grey hair past her ear to keep it out of her face. Bernard’s heart began to race as he stared at her; he had never felt this way towards someone before, Bernard continued to stare at the girl, he felt a sudden shock of electricity run through his waist and his legs began to quiver. His jaw slowly began to drop as he stared at her, his eyes fixated her round waist, then moving up to her bosom, then staring into her eyes. Her couldn’t help but feel the bit of saliva form in his mouth and begin to drip from his mouth down his chin. The girl looked at Bernard’s drooling face and giggling, she still looked at him but now pointed to her chin, and Bernard snapped back into reality and wiped the drool off of his chin and felt his face turn a bright pink from embarrassment.

The girl giggled hiding her smiling face a little bit by looking downwards, then looking back up her face completely serious, people tried to ask her a question but she answered every question with a shrug of her shoulders each time. Eventually the colony got bored of her and they all walked off and the girl took this opportunity to run off by herself, she ran to a spot where she could look out the window to the grey clouds from the London sky. Bernard approached her from behind; his steps were silent and short as he shuffled over to her.
“What are you doing here Bernard?” she looked over her shoulder to him, her dead grey eyes pierced into his and he could not help but shutter as the coldness.

“I-I am… umm… can I ask you a question?” Bernard shifted his weight nervously from side to side; his fingers wove between each other and his eyes lowered as he awaited his answer.
She looked at him, her cold grey eyes still staring intensely at him, “what would that be?”

“Well um… w-what do you think happens when we die, like where do we go?”

The girl looked at him seriously and looked back down, frazzled by this question. She gave him a savage smile and chuckled, “hmm… I’m not sure… wanna find out?”

Bernard had a chill run up his spine and he had a bad feeling suddenly. Time seemed to stop suddenly and he could not help but show the instinctive fear that came into him. “w-whatever do you mean?” Bernard asked in a small, scared little voice.
“You heard what I said,” her smile grew smaller but remained at a small smirk and she moved closer to him, so close that he could feel her breath on his neck. Bernard was clueless; he had no idea what to do, so he stayed silent. He was so drawn in by this girl, he was so intrigued by her but he could not simply fathom what she was saying. The girl moved closer to him, her breath gently whispering into his ear, “by the way, my name is Kusaru… what’s yours?”

Bernard was more frazzled than ever; his body was frozen with a mixture of excitement; fear, happiness, serenity, and oddly enough lust. He then muttered back in his small voice, “u-umm… my name is Bernard…”
Kusaru smiled in content, happy with how obedient he was being towards her right now. She nipped on his ear lobe and whispered gently, quietly, “nice to meet you…. Bernard…” she accentuated saying his name. Bernard heard her name whispered and immediately he felt that electrifying shock pulse through his body again, he turned towards her, his cheeks red from blushing and he could not help but once he looked at her Kusaru immediately leaned in. her full soft lips pressing against his, suddenly they were trapped in a long kiss and the electrifying pulses quickened and became continuous, he found himself pushing her down. They pulled away for a brief moment to look into each other’s eyes; his brown eyes, stared into her grey ones, her eyes trapped his in an endless vortex. She muttered something to him but he heard nothing as he was to fixated on her soft lips, he interrupted what she was saying to move in for another kiss, this time, his tongue sliding into her mouth. The warmness of her mouth almost invited him in, suddenly the lust overcame him, and he found himself tearing her clothes off. Her stared at her face, Kusaru’s face was red from blushing, her arms were wrapped around Bernard, and Bernard could feel the mixture of passion and lust began to mix into the two.

The clothes of the two were on the side of them, Bernard was running his warm finger tips over her cold pale skin, her looked down at her naked body, starting from her thighs, moving up to the naval, her firm breast, stopping there, leaning in and giving them a gentle kiss, then continuing up to her long neck, he dragged his kisses from her breast up to her neck, and up further to give her a kiss on the cheek. He smiled down at her, seeing her enticing grey eyes staring back at him. Kusaru looked up at him, her eyes that of an innocent child, and she whispered, “Bernard…” his name so gently into the wind.

Bernard looked down at her, smiling a bit as his shy voice uttered “y-yes Kusaru?”

“Mmm, make me feel like a woman Bernard, make me feel alive.” Kusaru wrapped her legs around his bare waist, pulling her waist into his, Bernard grunted from the ecstasy and Kusaru’s voice echoed through the air loudly. The passion mixed as their saliva did to; Kusaru was pulling Bernard in right to her for a long passionate kiss, the saliva mixing between the two. Bernard pulled away from the kiss to catch his breath, panting heavily as his hips still moved in rhythmic movements, back and forth, Kusaru’s body moving with each other his movements. Bernard saw the saliva strand ran down her chin, her eyes rolled back in the upmost pleasure, each time his hips moved back or forth her breast bouncing in coordination, he leaned into them giving her a sweet kiss on the middle of her sweetness.

They continued the pleasure seeming to last a life time, they were both covered in sweat, admiring the bareness, the rawness of each other. Suddenly, Linda came running up, tapping Bernard on the shoulder gently, and interrupting his rhythmic movements.
“Bernard, who is that?” Linda looked past Bernard’s shoulder to the moaning girl, and Kusaru just simply smiled at her through the ecstasy.

“U-umm…” Bernard was too fixated on what he was doing to notice, Kusaru was reaching for her clothes pulling out something. Bernard was too focused on what he was doing to notice Kusaru’s actions. Kusaru’s cold, lifeless gaze came back, the ecstasy she was showing seemed to disappear, Linda stared into Kusaru’s eyes and was terrified. She had never seen such a frightening, lifeless, soulless stare; Kusaru raised the object she was holding in her hand. Her hand moving in a back and forth motion towards Linda, Linda stared down at Kusaru, petrified; she looked down, her hand clutched over her stomach for a moment.

“W-why…. What’s….happening...?” Linda was speechless as Kusaru’s savage smile came back, a soft drip of something warm dripped onto Bernard’s bare back; he did not seem to notice what dripped onto his back. Linda still frozen and lost by horror then looking down, moving her hands off of her stomach to stare at them in front of her, her hands were covered in blood, soaked completely, Kusaru still stared at Linda smiling. “W-why… W-why….” Those seemed to be the only words that Linda could muster up, then, she simply, fell onto Bernard’s back, her body limp and motionless.

“Because you were there….” Kusaru muttered then letting a low chuckle echoed through the depths of her throat.
“What?” Bernard looked up not focused on the pleasure from her any longer, now looking down at Kusaru noticing her smile; he stood up and looked behind him seeing Linda’s now motionless body. He screamed in horror looking down at Kusaru, “d-did you do this?! Did you?! Tell me!” Kusaru just simply smiled and answered him by holding the blood soaked knife out in front of her mouth, letting the blood drip from her knife onto her naked body, and then dragging her tongue across the bloody blade. Swallowing the blood and sitting up trying to lean in to give Bernard a kiss. Bernard fell back in horror before she could do that, and he began to crawl backwards still horrified, crawling back into Linda’s body, looking behind him and seeing her eyes stare into his and he could not take it anymore.
Something in Bernard snapped, he lunged forwards towards Kusaru, his hand wrapping around her neck and pinning her to the ground, pressing the palm of his hand into her neck, listening to her gag and choke. He wanted her to die; he wanted her to feel the same pain she had given Linda. Kusaru gagged for air once more, but then she put her hand on his arm and tried to push him off, she smiled and sang out in an almost playful tone “Bernard~ Bernard~”

“Stop it! Don’t call my name! Don’t you dare say it!” Bernard had tears streaming from his eyes now, he watched as she smiled and sang his name, he pressed his hand down into her neck harder, feeling her throat open and close while it breathed or swallowed.
“Bernard~ Bernard! ~” Kusaru continued to sing, she grabbed the knife with her hand and put it to his arm and smiled. “Hmm… Bernard... Still curious what it is like to die? Still wanna know?” Kusaru gave him a savage smile, one that made his stomach twist with madness and insanity.

“Wh-what?” Bernard looked at her with confusion, his hand pressing even deeper into her neck. He thought at this rate her neck would snap from the pressure.

“Would you like to know what it is like to die is what I said…” she placed the blade to the arm holding her down and began to press into his arm, gliding the blade of the knife across gently, watching the river of blood ooze out of his arm. She ran her finger over the blood and put it to her soft lips, putting the finger on her lips then licking the blood off while staring into his eyes. Bernard suddenly knew the meaning of true horror now; he could not believe this girl. He fell backwards, holding his arm in horror, watching as the girl stood up and shifted towards him, she looked down at him, and swished her mouth some then spitting on him, “mmm, thanks for the meal… it’s much appreciated…” she walked past him and Bernard looked down at where she had spit on his chest, looking at the mixture of spit and blood.

Then looking behind him, he could not believe what he had seen; the girl took the knife and stabbed it into the hand of the lifeless body of Linda. An agonizing scream escaped from Linda’s supposedly lifeless body and her body sprang up in horror, she looked over at Bernard, tears running down her face, “B-Bernard?” A burst of laughter erupted from Kusaru, her eyes wide from the pleasure she was getting from watching Linda in pain, Kusaru took the knife and twisted it while it was in her hand. “Hahaha! How does it feel Linda?! Does it feel good?!” Kusaru shuddered suddenly, a shiver running from the top of her all the way down to the bottom as she whispered in a satisfied tone, “mm, Linda, Linda, Linda… Your screams of pain are like a beautiful symphony to my ears... Please… Please scream more for me!”

Suddenly another scream came from her mouth and Bernard watched as he saw Kusaru biting into her neck. Kusaru looked back at him, a large piece of bloody flesh hanging from her mouth, dangling, the blood dripping down Kusaru’s chest. Kusaru took large bites to fit the rest in her mouth, as if she were a wild animal that had not eaten in days. Linda was screaming in horror, her body thrashing beneath Kusaru’s grip. Kusaru grabbed the knife that was lodged into Linda’s hand twisting it more, then pulling it out and looked down at Linda’s face. Her Eyes no longer reflected any light and there was a stream of tears trailing down her face, Kusaru smiled and ran her hand gently down her cheek, gently wiping the tears from her eyes. “Aw, don’t cry Linda, or else you will miss the good part,” Linda simply coughed a weak cough as if she was trying to speak but was too close to the brink of death. Kusaru’s smile disappeared as she became dissatisfied with this result, she did not want her to die yet… Kusaru took the knife and dragged it up her forearm, watching as it left a bloodied trail, and then bringing it up her bicep and all the way to her face. Gracefully dragging it across her face, she watched as a look of terror came across her face, Linda whimpered, she didn’t want any more pain, she didn’t want to die, she wanted to simply be saved. Kusaru placed the nice parallel to Linda’s forearm, and Kusaru leaned in close to Linda, licking her earlobe, whispering, “and now the best part…” Kusaru began to push the blade into her arm, slicing into it as it carving a turkey, the flesh peeling backwards, the blood running down her arm. Linda’s body collapsed in pain feeling her arm being carved open; Kusaru stopped carving into her arm and ripped the piece of flesh up, placing it into her mouth and smiling over at Bernard, “want a piece?” she carved another piece of Linda’s arm off and held the thick slice of meat up towards Bernard, he hesitated staring at it then shaking his head horrified by the sight. Bernard’s legs were shaking, buckling together; Bernard couldn’t run away, he was too scared to move! He stared at the tantalizing, bright red, juicy look of Linda’s flesh in horror.

Kusaru shrugged and shoved the piece of meat into Linda’s mouth, shoving it down her throat so she would choke on her own flesh and blood. Linda’s body convulsed and she coughed the meat up on the soft grass beside them; Kusaru finally stabbed the knife into the forehead of Linda. Linda’s body came up in shock from the pain, then fell backwards dead, and Bernard stood up and ran in horror from the site of Kusaru feasting on Linda’s body. Kusaru took another bite from Linda, this time her cheek, exposing the muscle and teeth form the flesh being torn away. She chewed the meat like a carnivore feasting, her body becoming covered in Linda’s blood as she fed; Kusaru shouted towards Bernard “O Brave New World! O Brave New World!”
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