Alone In This Bed.

I feel so alone all the time, no one to talk to, no one to share my feelings with. It just seems like no one ever understands me. Sometimes i just choose to be alone just deep in thought, thinking about everything, there is just a lot on my mind all the time. Maybe its my fault i'm always alone because i don't trust people anymore i have my reasoning for it. I stay in my room almost all day as soon as i come home from school, mostly just playing PS3 and thinking about tomorrow :( . I can't make new friends im very socially awkward :( . Sometimes i wish i could find someone, just one person to talk to that feels the way i do, but i know it will never happen... Every night while im alone in my bed, i think about all the other people who have never had the feeling of being alone and it makes me feel like a loser
:( my thoughts get to me
MaxWilleatyourbrains MaxWilleatyourbrains
18-21, F
1 Response May 19, 2012

It`s not true ... you see, i read it and i care about you even i dont know you.<br />
when i was the same age as you are, my feeling was like you. I felt so lonely, no friends, no one to talk ... <br />
you must change your ways in your social behaiver ... you must try and change.<br />
i dont tell you trust others easily, no , that`s not right. <br />
you can start this way, find who likes the avctivities as you are, in sports, movies, songs and singers, "PS3" ( you can invite some one to playing ps3) studying with others...<br />
<br />
have confidence, dont shame, start speaking to others ... is not necessary to share everything of your life with them ... go slowly and when it`s the right time, be sure you can trust them.