Today Ive been thinking about effort all day. As I speak with friends it keeps popping up in my head. How important effort is for all of us. I never thought about it a lot but it stuck with me today.

We can have many desires and many wishes. We can have talents and skills that are beneficial for good things in our lives. We can even find that special someone that we want to share our lives with but without effort all of these opportunities that await us may be missed opportunities.

Sure sometimes things happen and we feel so fortunate that we didn't do anything for it. But think about putting an effort into the things you truly desire. An effort into your relationships and careers. Stop moving in robotic routinely ways and put forth an active effort for the change you want. Don't you honk you will see different results?

Take myself for example. I have had a dream with my sewing to start a certain line of clothing. I make them and sell some on a small scale but life gets in the way, I get down and stop trying, I'm discouraged by my husband, whatever. There are many excuses for me not making a greater effort and I have to say it eats away at me. Wanting to try. I don't even need it to work or be a success. I just want to know I tried. Then I can put it behind me or have a good business for myself.

I get so irritated that I'm not putting forth the effort for a dream Ive had for 8 years! Yes there have been many distractions but I know the only difference between those who do and those who don't is that the first kept going and didn't stop trying.

My point is many opportunities are placed before us. Its up to us to take the chance and put a real effort into those opportunities. Without that effort the gift given to us is wasted.

I think we should all think about our efforts. Are we really making the best effort possible? Can we do more? Can we do better? Of course we can!

soulrunher soulrunher
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2 Responses Dec 30, 2012

Well-written, something I've been thinking of too.


This is VERY inspiring, soul! I am going to be thinking if there isn't something I can put more effort into... Thanks for the incentive to look at this at the start of a new year!

Im sure you can put more effort into hour group! Uhm uhm...no problem! LOL

LMAO.... I guess it would be such an ASSet! ;-)