"I Like to Be Alone With My Thoughts Sometimes"

I really do like to be alone with my thoughts sometimes. Alone without all the distractions of other people. I am mainly refering to family members. My mom for example I love her dearly but she has a negative outlook on everything I do. I try to keep things from her but in the end it is hard for me not to share things with her. So whenever I am going through something I like to be alone to hash things out in my own mind so that I know my decisions and actions are my own and not what someone else thinks they should be.
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It's better to sort things out alone. I don't like bringing up a problem and 2 or 3 people give advice. It seems like they get angry if I didn't take the advice. I'd rather figure things out and just say what I have decided on.I can't stand a lot of opinions when it ultimately is my decision.

Wow thats interesting, my mother is negative about everything I do or say as well...<br />
I think its important to be alone with yourself to think and re-group..sometimes it will save you from horrible advice or opinions of others..

Just sit in the lotus postion, and tell everyone you are taking up meditation. They are not to bother you during this time. <br />
<br />

i used to hate telling my family stuff mainly because sometimes i do think they really listened....but its hard because i always ended up telling them... and i always still find myself telling my mum things only because i like what she has to say and i she brings a new point or view.. especially when ive just been alone with my thoughts and not had an outside opinion..

if your mom is negative about what you are doing, then yeah, you need to be away from her when you make decisions. and anyway, it is nice to be alone with yourself-- sometimes you are your own best company!

cmost - i'm the same way ... i crave that solitude which will provide me my very own direction. i think it's an important part of life to be who you are, think for yourself and light your own path ... it's not always easy but it sure does make for a more enriching experience over all!

I find the best place for me to have Deep Thoughts in is.... the restroom! lol. Some people read. I go into think mode! I even have mumbling conversations with myself! Should I start worrying if I answer my own questions, though?? =}