Being Alone At Times Is Healthy

  I have always been a thinker.  I believe that true thinking cannot be accomplished with other people around you.  Even Jesus withdrew from the crowds to be alone.

  In recent months I spent an extended time period recovering from surgery.  Although there were nurses and doctors who needed to interrupt me from time to time, there were hours and hours I spent in bed.  Although the healing process requires that you sleep for longer periods than when you are well, I still had time when I just lay there awake. 

  I had time to reflect on the choices I had made in my life.  Those choices had directed my path and in large part had made me the person that I had now become. 

  We are always becoming.  It is a process that continues until the day we meet our Maker.  But how we become and what we become is something we choose. 

  Being alone with our thoughts is one way to avoid making bad choices.  When we are at peace, we can think clearly and wisely.  We can make plans and we can pray about those plans.  We can redirect our path simply by thinking.

   I sometimes wonder how our very busy President has time to think clearly about the decisions he makes.  He has a tight schedule and people surround him wherever he goes.   Is he ever alone?

  The time I spent in the hospital and in the rehabilitation center was a welcome respite from my usual busy life.  Even after I returned home, I had to set aside time to lie down and rest and to put ice packs on the affected area. 

   Those times became times of prayer.  I found myself naming everyone in my family, extended family, neighbors, old friends I hadn't seen in years, and praying for their health and happiness and blessing.  All their faces came to my mind when I was resting and quietly thinking.

   Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone took time everyday to pray for everyone he knows or knew in his life?  Just think how many blessings all of us would receive! 

   The great poet of the Victorian era, Alfred, Lord Tennyson, once said, "More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of." 

   If we don't retreat from the world and take time to be alone, how will we ever pray with reverence and with a full heart, a quiet mind, and a willingness to listen to the still small voice within? 

   If you are reading this, I hope that today you will treat yourself to a special quiet time to be alone with your thoughts.


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thanks so much for sharing YOUR thoughts

"But what we became is our choice" try researching about determinism, predeterminism to be precise. See how u think then.

Thank you for sharing your experience. The best time I have had to really think on my own was when fishing on a river in a remote area. The fish weren't biting and I had time to take in my surroundings and reflect on my life and how I feel about those I care about. Since then I appreciate more what God has given me and I cherish my time with my loved ones. I now try to take some time alone just to think without distraction

You said it correct. We need time for ourselves,when we'll only be with ourselves. If we don't, we'll never experience the sheer content of thinking and reflecting on the past,present and future.

i was reading what u posted, i just loved it, coz am in a period of my life where i can't seem to find out the right direction, i mean i still have some bad habits tht stop me whenever am going on the good way, and u're right whenyou say tht beying alone is good for thinking and stuff. i've been alone since a really logn time, im a lonely person , and i like it somehow, i'm used to it, but i can't seem to take advantage of it, but now irealised tht beying alone is not that bad if i just figure out the right way to use my empty time for my self, coz im sure tht one day in the futur, it's gonna stop and am gonna be surrounded all the time, and i won't like it. so tht for sharing this and ill try to catch up on my lonely days :)

I remember a time when i was happier. Skating was involved, but mainly seclusion. Being alone is sublime and necessary to know and differentiate yourself from others.

I like to be alone because I can think more about me, about my decisions. In addition, I can practice meditation.

Hey there! Thanks for sharing this beautiful story!! Firstly let me say I hope your recovery is coming along and you are feeling better and stronger everyday! <br />
I too take time to pray.... I love it when I have the opportunity to just be in a quiet place.... just to sit and be. I feel we are so busy everyday and so much noise is around us, that we miss hearing Jesus. We take for granted so many things that we miss His messages to us in the simple things that surround us everyday. I just got home from walking my dog... the streets were fairly quiet and it was a nice cool morning... just being out... enjoying the cool breeze and just being in my thoughts... not really having any specific thing or issue to pray about or contemplate... just being in the moment... enjoying what God has given me... enjoying the clouds, the cool crisp air, the sun.... the ability to walk and enjoy the outdoors... so simple, yet such a gift. Something that I often take for granted because Im so busy doing and running about. We learn so much about ourselves, about our inner being, about our relationship with God when we take time to just be quiet, to think, to pray... to Listen!! Again, thank you for a beautiful story! God Bless! xo

Thank you, Annalee, for your thoughtful response. I guess it's finally a sign of maturity that we discover all the frenzied activities of our lives accomplish nothing, while a few minutes in quietness and solitude will lead us into truth.

it is so true that every one should have time alone,time to meditate or reflect or just be.the world is a crazy place and we spend so much time running here and there and doing ten jobs at once,to be alone is not to be lonely but so many people dont realise this and spend time running from themselves as if they are afraid of what they might see if they stop.being able to be alone with yourself is one of the most important acheivements i think,when you are quiet and still god can get through to you.and you learn to trust your instincts and not lurch from one mistake to everyone i would say be alone with yourself and find out who you are

Lucky you! I'm on my way right now. You'll see on the horizon with my auburn hair blowing in the wind, courtesy of Preference by Loreal. Thank you for your comments.

True saying ..the mind work wonders when u are alone.I always takes 1 or 2 hours a day to find that moment ....inner spirit.i have 2 girl they are always busy ...I let then know i need time for myself everyday just an hour ..and it works.

A barn is perfect. What a wonderful place to sit and think! <br />
<br />
I'm such a fan of animals myself. When I was a kid, my parents boarded two horses every winter from one of the summer resorts. Sandy and Prince were both beautiful horses, but my parents only let me ride Sandy who was smaller and gentler. We were friends and it was hard to say goodbye when summer came. Prince was a powerful horse that only my dad could ride. <br />
<br />
You are so fortunate to spend your days with beautiful creatures, even when you consider how hard the work is.<br />
<br />
I've read James Herriot's books and have come to understand how difficult a veterinarian's life was in Yorkshire, England when he started out. Still, there is that sense of awe and wonder around animals. Herriot died in 1994 and I look forward to meeting him in heaven one day. Honestly. His stories have so enriched my life.

Thank you, frito. I certainly appreciate your kind words. <br />
See you soon! On EP, I mean.

Tilly, what an uplifting positive post. At a time when many might feel negative, you chose to appreciate the time and think not only of yourself but of others. Time alone to think and feel peaceful is so necessary for our spirits. :)

Neeran, I am so glad that you read my experience and took a moment to comment. <br />
<br />
I know that spending time alone with God is what makes a big difference in your daily life. I am inspired when I meet young people who already realize this. They have a wisdom that so many adults lack. Good for you, Neeran!

Kristee, I am so happy to hear that even in your youth you are spending quality time with the Lord every day. His presence will keep you healthy in body and mind all the days of your life. <br />
Thank you, Kristee, for your comment and your EP friendship.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Yes, being alone has changed my life to a new dimension, Also helped me to get closer to god, And forced me to think about him often. I often pray at nights when everybody were sleeping.